Membit at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from Membit on Vimeo.

Caroline Burns visits Rockefeller Center with Membit from Membit on Vimeo.

We recently put together two videos for the holidays that highlight two distinct but related use-cases for the Membit App. One is the Thanksgivings Day video that we did through our partnership with Untapped Cities which highlights using the app to see history. And the other is the Caroline Burns at Rockefeller Center video which highlights using the app to record your own history.

I’ve thought many times that this app could really be two apps, one for letting people share the past with the present, and one for letting people share the present with the future. The reason we’ve not split it up like that is that we believe there’s an exciting shift of consciousness that one has when one realizes that it’s all one continuum. We really want Membit to be a way to do both and to experience past of a place, whether that past involves your friends from yesterday or your grandma from 50 years ago. We’re hoping that Membit can help people see themselves in the common humanity of people from the past to the future. Time will tell…