Membit CEO,  Jay Van Buren, is an innovator, artist, and augmented reality evangelist with 17 years experience in interactive media, marketing, and PR. Jay was responsible for the look and feel of the Forbes-Favorite award winning Multex Investor site in the late 90’s and went on to a career creating interactive marketing and PR vehicles for companies like Conde Nast and Bayer Aspirin. His interactive design studio, early-adopter, has completed sites for clients like Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, The Drawing Center, Twyla Tharp and Avenues the World School over the past 17 years.

Jay will be speaking at the upcoming Augmented Reality World Expo.  His session, titled Annotating the World with the Human Positioning System ™ will be held on June 2.  In his talk he will be discussing and showing how Membit ™ has the only form of augmented reality that can create augmented content that has a meaningfully precise relationship to the real world anywhere without markers. This makes it the perfect tool for newspapers, magazines and other kinds of content creators to tell stories about places.

Have a look at some of his past talks using different pre-membit tools and check out his thoughts and ideas in AR.

ARNY in 2013 

2015 AWE Jay spoke about the new early-adopter version of the timeline