We’re pleased that teachers are discovering Membit’s augmented reality as a tool for their classrooms. Richard Byrne, author of Free Tools for Teachers noted Membit on his blog.  Here’s his idea of an example of how he might use Membit in the classroom:

Membit has potential to be neat app for use in history classes. Students could use the app to place historical imagery on top of current views of a location. For example, I might have students use the app to place historical imagery of Portland, Maine’s working waterfront on top of the current view of Portland’s waterfront.

Other teachers have included Membit in their STEM curriculum.  Joe D’Anibale of the Teachers Guild has a great example of a community redesign lesson plan that is suited for grades 3-8.  You can check out more about their “Monumental Masterpiece Challenge” and other ways to incorporate augmented reality in the classroom in this video.

Studies are proving that augmented reality lessons have a positive impact on on students’ STEM interest.

After measuring the relationships between students’ app usage and their engagement, retention and academic achievement in the subject, it is suggested that following the app’s introduction, student retention rates and academic performance increased, and there was a positive correlation between students’ scoring highly on the app and achieving higher academic grades. “

Are you interested to use augmented reality in the classroom?  You can download Membit for iPhone and iPad at get.membit.co and we’d love to hear what you’re doing with it.