Location based interactivity is a key factor toward the future of mobile digital experiences.  Membit combines the trend and functionality of interactive maps with location based augmented reality in a way that allows users to place and share location based content socially.  Membit transforms augmented reality into a read write medium on the world.

GPS is the primary tool for map processes and for “markerless augmented reality” systems.  However, GPS is limited by how specific it can get.  It can’t really get that specific.  That’s where Membit’s patented Human Positioning System comes into play. Also known as HPS, the system allows users to place and share content  in  a very specific position/location without the use of markers in ways other AR systems can not.

The combination of GPS and HPS allows a more specific way to place and view content that can’t be achieved with GPS alone. Jay Van Buren discusses the technical details about HPS and the differentiation that Membit offers to the augmented reality landscape.

The HPS patent can be found here.