The past 9 months have been a very busy time at Membit, and only recently could we tell the world what we’ve been up to. Aery is Membit’s latest app (currently in private beta) and we’ve been working on it in partnership with The Related Companies a large real estate development firm. (Read Press Release Here) One of the use-cases for Membit that had gotten the most interest over time has been the fine art use-case so when Related approached us about partnering to create a specifically fine-art branded app, we jumped at the chance.

For Aery we’ve expanded Membit’s capabilities to include 3d objects and a brand new system for placing multiple objects in an indoor space with great precision that is an excellent complement to our Human Positioning System (HPS)™. HPS is still the best way to get really precise placement of AR content outside without markers. We’ll be launching a new version of Membit with these capabilities soon.

We believe that there are numerous verticals where our technology can make a serious impact and Fine Art is just the first.