Top 5 benefits of Membit location based AR



Benefit 1 – Amazing mobile AR installations instantly

Membit has an incredibly easy mobile installation interface for clients in the channel library. Membit brings markerless, persistent location based AR to the user at the location on mobile devices. No more desktop designing, just design installations on location in real life with your models and install. It’s that easy!

Benefit 2 – Totally markerless

Membit allows augmented reality installations both inside and outside of venues like concerts, festivals or retail locations without the need to print, install or have permission for markers. Media managers and agencies with little or no technical knowledge of AR can design and produce location based AR.  Membit provides customers new ways to design markerless campaigns thereby opening new revenue streams.

Benefit 3 – Patented like no other AR today

Membit allows the precise and persistent placement of markerless location based augmented reality because of our patented Human Positioning System. Using this technology, Membit provides an easy way to place historic photographs back in the very place they were taken. Adding this feature to campaigns will make it stand out from the pack because NOBODY can do AR like this due to our patented technology.  Using this exclusive patented technology is key to the future of AR.

Benefit 4 – Ready for the future of AR!

Membit collaborated on an activation called AMSAR that leveraged Membit location based AR and featured NFT content in Amsterdam.  One can also see how valuable our lightweight location based AR is to the future of AR when augmented reality enabled glasses become more widely adopted.  Membit is ready to help bring media activations into the future of AR and the real world metaverse.

Benefit 5 – Not just the tech, the entire team

Membit’s rockstar team has worked on the leanest of budgets and still received impressive press coverage. It’s exactly what we do best because we’ve been working in augmented reality since the start and we’ve thought about and created meaningful location based AR in the ways that matter. We’re experts and Membit’s team can supercharge augmented reality. We can show your media teams new ways our markerless patented location based AR can bring real value to campaigns and awareness.

Bonus – Available for “White-Label” apps

We created a branded version of our technology for Steinway for their “Steinway Room View” application. We can create a fully branded version of our technology for your clients.