VIEW ORIGINAL: 10 Apps on the Right Path of Disruption: Part Two

4. Membit
Along my quest for apps that challenge the status quo, I found that one of the most difficult industries to shake up was, ironically, one of the most innovative – social networking. Companies like Facebook and Google are always striving, and spending, to remain at the forefront of how we connect to one another. With that being the case, how can a startup disrupt an industry where the most powerful are also the most innovative?

Well, when your app has a feature that Snapchat filed a patent for, it’s safe to say that you may have the attention of Silicon Valley. That’s what Membit has – a breakthrough mobile image sharing app that utilises a patented Human Positioning System (HPS) to share images.

Described by Macworld as ‘the closest we got to seeing a time machine’, Membit is a new way to share memories by letting users unlock past clips – or ‘membits’ – that were captured at a specific location.

Changing the way we share memories
“Membit is destined to become the world’s way of memorialising and sharing moments that matter.” It’s a bold statement by Membit Founder Jay Van Buren. But when you consider the patented form of augmented reality the Membit has for geo-locative photo sharing, it’s a statement that he can say with confidence.

Membit photos know where they belong in the real world, and users can share Membits simply by leaving them in a particular place. Others can experience these images through a 3D interface or through their mobile devices at the Membit’s actual physical location. It’s a uniquely compelling way to experience and share photos.