Membit Announces Human Positioning System (HPS™) Patent Approval

Membit, the geo-locative, augmented reality, photo messaging and archiving platform, presented its patented technology at CES 2016 with OMD Ignition Factory’s 5th annual Startup Cocktails event. CEO, Jay Van Buren, and co-founder Jennifer Byrne presented the latest version of Membit’s new technology to select top tier brands in attendance at the annual event at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. The app is currently in a private beta and will launch early this year in the iTunes store.
Membit has seen a strong positive reaction from both the industry and media in the last year, on the news that the patent was formally issued, and the completion of an additional pre-seed investment round. Van Buren, patent inventor Jennifer Byrne, and the Membit team were on hand during CES 2016 with select audiences. The team was onsite unveiling the latest breakthrough mobile image capture app, utilizing patented Human Positioning System (HPS™) technology. Membit provides a unique way for people to geographically memorialize and share moments through photos shown in context using augmented reality.
“I couldn’t be more humbled to be sharing this project at CES with such a great audience for partnerships,” said Jay Van Buren, CEO of Membit. “In a world where AR is being used so much of the time purely as a marketing gimmick, a platform like Membit has the potential to redefine how people use photography with social media. To be selected by Ignition Factory to meet prospective partners as a valid and emerging technology is just amazing.”
“Three years ago, I was running around rural New Jersey with my father nailing QR codes on trees for historical tours,” explained co-founder Jennifer Byrne. “We eventually realized there was an easier way to make Augmented Reality work anywhere, which was the insight that created Membit’s patented Human Positioning System™. Getting the invitation from OMD put us in an event that 2 years ago introduced Oculus Rift and Snapchat. In many ways we feel like we’ve already won an amazing endorsement.”
Ignition Factory is the award-winning innovations & emerging platforms team within OMD, the top global media agency supporting major brand clients such as PepsiCo, Warner Bros, Gatorade, CBS, Intel, Wells Fargo. With a focus on brand innovations via emerging startup partnerships, disruptive media ideas & creative applications of technology, Ignition Factory injects ideas that spark traditional and new media plans with technology, innovation, and an added layer of creativity going beyond the boundaries of media.
Membit is in discussions with forward-looking brands and content-creators like Atlas Obscura, the so-called ‘national geographic of the millennial generation’ and Brenne Whisky, rated ‘best new spirit’ by Food & Wine magazine, to become part of the first wave of channel partners to explore how Membit is redefining augmented reality, photo messaging and archiving.
About Membit

Membit is a geolocative photo sharing app that allows pictures to be placed and viewed in the exact location they were captured. Membit’s patented Human Positioning System™ allows for markerless Augmented Reality to be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone. With Membit, users can share the past of a place with the present, or share the present of a place with the future. Last year Membit won the TechCrunch New York Pitch-off which secured them a table in Start-up Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. MacWorld named Membit one of the “20 most fascinating” apps at the conference and declared Mmembit to be “the closest thing we’ve seen to a time-machine.” For more information and an invitation to our beta please visit: When it matters, Membit.