On Friday Membit announced a strategic partnership with Agingo, a start up with a fantastic vision for bringing trust and focus to the Internet through a de-centralized system that relies on peer-to-peer trust relationships instead of the one “one-algorithm-to-rule-them-all world” that we currently inhabit. Ok, maybe 3 algorithms?

It was telling that people complained to Facebook, Google and Twitter when we realized that fake news might be seriously influencing our elections. The answer isn’t getting these handful of ginormous private companies to start being arbiters of truth and censor things they think are wrong. The answer is to do what Agingo is promising to do.

“People should have a choice for themselves and that choice should have some influence over how websites are ranked for everyone else.”

Right now, trust isn’t really a factor in our decision making about what we look at – people retweet and share things without saying how much they trust or don’t trust the source of the information. If Agingo can make that process relatively fluid it will be a very powerful tool for all of us and importantly a tool that no one company would control.

Membit and Agingo are going to work together to let you (when you choose to) use your trust relationships to filter the augmented content that you see around you, AND to make the content you create verifiable through a new blockchain Agingo is launching called NOOB. If you make a membit you’re going to be able to prove that you are trusted and really were there and then, and any attempt to fake it will be easily unmasked.