Montefiore Fine Art department has been nominated for a corporate art collection award.  The nomination is alongside such corporate art collections from: American Express, Deutsche Bank, Huawei UK with Saatchi Gallery, IKEA Museum, Lufthansa, Ogilvy & Mather (China), The Absolut Company, NESTLÉ (Switzerland) and Google Arts and Culture.

Membit is pleased to be a current partner with Montefiore’s fine art department in the augmented reality exhibit Daydreams by artist Shuli Sade which is currently on exhibit in the Gallery in The Gardens.

Membit’s Director of Community and Partnerships, Karina Mitchell:

“Using Membit’s mobile augmented reality for exhibiting fine art is an amazing opportunity to not only provide a new way for people to view art, but it’s also a great activity that visitors and families can participate in while they are waiting for and visiting their loved ones at Montefiore. “

By using mobile augmented reality, Daydreams is able to be on display in the outside areas of Gallery in The Gardens without concern of weather or damage to the work.  The use of digital for this location based art experience works well.

The Montefiore Fine Art department describes:

“Daydreams features a mix of manipulated and layered nature photographs of the Hudson Valley with overlays of poetry by Bronx resident Edgar Allen Poe.  Sadé has created spherical shapes that users view as 3D objects floating in space.  The installation creates a space echoing the beauty of nature, culture, healing, and therapeutic energy, a respite shared by the visitors to the Gallery in the Gardens. The installation comes to life so patients, family members, staff, and the local community can discover a hidden art gallery through their own mobile devices. Commissioned by the Montefiore Fine Art Program, Daydreams is the Art Program’s first project utilizing AR. Sadé earned the commission as she is one of a handful of contemporary artists who has tapped into the creative potential of AR for interactive art. Her understanding of the healing effects of art in healthcare environments is evident in her work. By creating Daydreams, Sadé beautifully unites the past, present, and future at Montefiore. In exploring the difference between what is real and what is imaginary, users will, as Poe once wrote, discover “all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.””

In addition to the current exhibit Daydreams, Shuli Sade has the following work in Montefiore’s award nominated art collection:




A river that flows two ways

Inspired by the Hudson River, Flow echoes the stream of life and a meditation on healing and recovery.  Commissioned by the Hudson Valley Collaborative (HVC), this collection of photographs was taken and processed by the artist reflecting the Hudson River and the historic Hudson Athens lighthouse.  Consisting of nine unique works, the photographs seeks to honor the HVC’s mission to improve healthcare delivery throughout the region through a patient-centered delivery system, with expanded access of services tailored to the unique needs of Montefiore’s patients and communities.  Flow, a river that flows two ways, seeks to visually connect all in the Hudson Valley.




Metro Cryptograms (Bronx)
Photographs printed on metallic paper

Multi-disciplinary artist Shuli Sade uses architecture and motion photography to explore the boundaries of two and three-dimensional art. Her photography unveils the grid of architectural rhythms that belong to large modern cities.  For this commission, Sade rode the #4 subway through the Bronx at twilight.  Employing her unique method of removing photographic information with mechanical precision, she creates a new landscape engaging audience participation.


Montefiore’s forward thinking art department is also incorporating digital technologies in their Innovation Lab to feature both augmented reality and virtual reality experiences in art as well as other applications.  Their Virtual Reality Fine Art Program (VRFA) features work from Tom Christopher.

Tom Christopher It Was My Sixth Grade Teacher, But When I Looked Up Again, She Was Gone. Maybe Forever This Time, 2016 Acrylic on canvas Past Work by Artist Commissioned to Create First VR Fine Art Experience for Montefiore Medical Center

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