Membit is pleased to be participating in Jump Into VR Fest SEPTEMBER 15-16-17, 2017.  With over 50 speakers on tap and VR playgrounds and demos there is so much to see and learn.   Membit is participating by showing an augmented reality installation by Richard Humann, Sirenic Cauldron.  Sirenic Cauldron pays tribute to the people who first made America their home in the Lower East Side. The work is a continuation of his installations Ascension and Angel Stars which are on exhibit in Venice, Italy in conjunction with the Venice Biennale and Venice Film Festival.

Richard Humann (born 1961) is a New York City-based American neo-conceptual artist. His art delves deep into concept and ideas, and he uses a multitude of materials to create his installations, sculptures, videos, and sound projects.  Richard’s work is one of 5 Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality projects including: Stuart Campbell – EyeJack, Alper Guler – KabaQ, Bart Trzynadlowski – Doko Desu Ka, Erin Ko – Black Star

We’re also excited to note that at 2 on Friday 9/15 , Howard Olah-Reiken of Preferred App Consulting, will be giving a presentation titled ARKit: What it is, How it is done, and Why you care.   Howard, who is also a co-founder of Membit, is already hard at work integrating ARKit into Membit.  In addition to taking advantage of ARKits excellent tracking, it will allow users to walk around membits and view them from all sides.

“ARKit: What it is, How it’s done and Why you care, Howard Olah Reiken (Founder at Preferred App Consulting, NYC)  This talk will focus on the Apple Augmented Reality Kit (ARKit) while going through the process of developing an ARKit application and overviewing the different ways to configure ARKit sessions based on desired tracking types and other factors. This will be interesting as well as educational to developers as well as non-developers, enterprises as well as consumers, investors as well as entrepreneurs.”

September 15 – 17, Friday – Sunday, 9:30AM to 10PM each day.

Jump Into the Light, VR Cinema & Playlab (VR Demos & Parties), 180D Orchard St, NYC
Jump X, (Conferences & VR Demos), 180C Orchard St, NYC

Hotel Indigo (Invest Speed Dating & Press Meetings), 180A Orchard St, NYC

Here’s the program-hope to see you!