Map_of_Manchester,_N.H._-_compiled_by_Joseph_B._Sawyer,_C.E._LOC_2011592152 (4)As Mr. Van Buren put it, “AR loops you in more firmly to the place where you are, rather than taking you away into another world.”

Ted Loos,  November 2019




We are ushering in 2020 with new developments for both Membit and Aery.  Our team is distributed between New York City and New Hampshire.  One thing that’s important about our product, process and technology as noted in the quote by Jay from the NYT article we were featured in, is our idea of bringing people closer to the place they are, not further away.  In this regard we are excited to announce a new development in New Hampshire, where our VP, Karina Mitchell has her creative and family roots.  In the coming weeks we will have some exciting announcements of developments with arts, culture and travel and tourism partners in New Hampshire where we are extending our reach.

One organization in particular that we are excited to be working with is New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts under the executive direction of Tricia Soule.  We are thrilled to be working with her as we expand into NH.

Things are still under wraps, but we are working toward a fantastic launch beyond NYC and look forward to meeting new friends, artists and partners on our journey ahead.