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Hi! We're Membit and we specialize in no-code location based augmented reality. We'd love to show you a bit more about how you can leverage our tools, team and talents to create incredible immersive storytelling that will benefit brands, venues and organizations.

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Why Membit is different

Here are the top 5 ways Membit can bring value to your media campaign with location based augmented reality. The most important one is that you can create markerless installations directly through your mobile devices!

Membit™ is a geolocative augmented reality (AR) storytelling platform for iOS and Android

Our patented Human Positioning System (TM) allows 2D and 3D AR content to be placed and viewed in the exact location it was intended — without physical signage or QR codes. With Membit, individuals and organizations alike can use AR to make the hidden stories of any place come alive.

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