Our Team

jayJay Van Buren
Jay Van Buren is an innovator, artist, and augmented reality evangelist with 17 years experience in interactive media, marketing, and PR. Jay was responsible for the look and feel of the Forbes-Favorite award winning Multex Investor site in the late 90’s and went on to a career creating interactive marketing and PR vehicles for companies like Conde Nast and Bayer Aspirin. His interactive design studio, early-adopter,  completed sites for clients like Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, The Drawing Center, Twyla Tharp and Avenues the World School over the past 17 years. Early-Adopter was acquired by The Glimpse Group, in April of 2018. Jay holds a Masters of Fine Art Degree in Painting from Parsons, the New School for Design.
karinaKarina Mitchell
Vice President
Karina Mitchell has a background in art and community building. She has over a decade of experience in interactive media, creative collaboration, and scripted art. Her work has been noted by academics in MIT presentations, Dartmouth E-media studies, and as part of an exhibit featured in the Oxford Handbook of Virtuality.


rickRick LeJuerrne
Financial Advisor
Rick is the President of Flow Capital, LLC is and a practicing attorney.
Rick has been helping small businesses and startups define and refine their business models for the past 15 years. Rick combines his undergraduate degree in accounting with a legal perspective.
rossRoss Lefstin
Lead Developer
Ross is an expert in software development, Ross has over 25 years experience. As a teenager Ross was fascinated by computers from using the Apple II. This led to summer jobs writing business software while studying Astronomy at UC Berkeley, later working at Lawrence Berkeley Labs, both in science and software. After graduation, he consulted for PG&E before joining the Capital Markets systems group at Bank of America. Since then, he has worked with small startups and large companies on business and middleware systems, before moving to mobile development in 2011.
stephenStephen Repetto
Co-Founder & Advisor
Stephen Repetto is a project manager with expertise in strategic thinking, budget reduction, relationship management, day-to-day logistics, and long-term planning. Stephen is currently a project manager with KiDS, a high-end design studio, where he has been responsible for preparing a global photo app for launch.
jamesJames Pearson
Communications Advisor
James Pearson has over 15 years experience in technology, media and entertainment public relations and marketing, including early positions working for Oprah Winfrey and John Hughes. In recent years, James has created public relations strategies for a number of national and international companies including Brightline, Razorfish, Audible, Grooveshark, Amazon and Shazam. He is currently the Head of Global Communications at Spire.
howard1Howard Olah-Reiken
Technical Advisor
Howard has over 25 years of software engineering experience and currently focuses on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. His passion is exploring cutting edge technologies for solving real world problems. He has been solution architect, developer, and advisor for large and small companies in MedTech, AR, Entertainment, media, communication, education and other verticals.